Coaching Professionals
through Business Transitions,
Career Changes
& Life Turning Points

Opus 5 Transitions Coaching raises your overall personal strategy to a higher level in these areas across all 5 domains of your life.

Your Second Half or Next Chapter

How can I build a plan for my next chapter or second half?

untitled-1Successful business owners understand that all plans start with purpose and strategy. In planning for your second half, the last thing you want is a sense of being put out to pasture or a loss of identity.

Opus 5 helps you realign before or after retirement, a business restructure, or after the sale of a business. This is an introspective assessment that will assist you with finding your core before building a plan for moving forward. Pre-retirement, exit planning, post-retirement, major life upheaval due to medical changes, family changes, and a new project focus can all affect your success in your second half or the next chapter in your life.

Creating a Family Legacy

How do I avoid turning my kids into trust fund babies?

untitled-2Now more people than ever are faced with the challenge of making crucial financial decisions for their heirs. These kinds of concerns are no longer restricted to the uber-wealthy. In fact, the number one concern among those that are fortunate enough to be in the position of deciding where to leave their money is how to avoid turning their kids into trust fund babies.

Opus 5 understands you need greater clarity as to what motivates you to create wealth beyond merely providing for your family. Designing your family’s mission and vision will help your children understand the different roles that wealth can play, and for them to define the roles and limitations they would like work and wealth to play in their lives.

Managing a Career Transition Effectively

How can I find my life purpose?

untitled-3Most studies show the average professional will change careers several times over the course of their lifetime. However, they often feel lost in the fog when it comes to planning for their next chapter. In order to successfully navigate a career change, you need to remember – this isn’t just about your career; it’s about your life. We know how to help you assess your highest contribution zone in order to create a powerful vision forward, while you are facing and managing change.

Evolving Corporate Leaders

How can I excel more quickly in my career?

untitled-4Making a significant contribution in your organization requires reassessing your leadership skills periodically. Improving your leadership behaviors and individual effectiveness will generate the change you need to advance within your organization. We will help you redirect your energies and build your leadership style to make a larger impact on your circle of influence – across all 5 life domains.


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What are the 5 Life Domains?

Personal – This is the domain of the self.
Career – This is the domain of your work or career.
Family – Your close group recognized by affinity and birth.
Community – Those with whom you live and interact.
Spiritual Community – Where you relate to your spiritual values.

Opus 5 vs. Traditional Coaching

Opus 5 works with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Evolving Leaders who want to do great things. Traditional coaching focuses on identifying areas that might need attention and supporting the individual while they solve their own problems.

Opus 5 helps the individual make a big impact on their circle of influence by creating tangible results through the application of business strategies. They understand there is far more to life than work – and this process will impact every aspect of their world – making them more effective by composing their own Opus through all 5 domains of their life.

The Man in the Impeccable Blue Suit

Early in my coaching career, I had the good fortune to work with a large number of clients from a variety of backgrounds. This gave me the opportunity to observe something I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see and it changed my perspective as it will change yours.

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